Design swipeable carousel ads for Facebook and Instagram

If you're looking to impress your audience, Creatopy has the right recommendation for your marketing needs: carousel ads.

Create appealing Facebook carousel ads with the most easy to use carousel ads maker and display your products or services in a creative way using impressive Instagram carousel ads..

Swipeable Carousel Ads for Facebook and Instagram
drag and drop

Creative Facebook carousel ads for effective campaigns

As advertising tools evolve, users want more and more interactive content. Static ads became boring and somewhat unappealing to most audiences, so they started searching for an experience, not rawness.

To create Facebook carousel ads can be a challenge, but the truth is that Creatopy has intuitive tools, and you don't even need designer skills.

It's as simple as drag and drop. No news feed will suffer from continuous, inconclusive scroll anymore.

Creative Facebook Carousel Ads
make your content engaging

Design Instagram carousel ad stories that entertain

A sequential visual narration is "more than words", as the song goes.

Design Instagram carousel ad stories for a more flexible approach. Describe your products or services through emotional appeals to make your content engaging.

Choose to add a call to action button to provide more information for your audience. You can add up to ten images or short videos for this type of Instagram carousel ad.

engaging content that converts

Our inspiring social media carousel ads collection

Take full responsibility of your advertising strategy and start creating Facebook and Instagram engaging content that converts.

Choose from a big variety of carousel ad templates for inspiration and modify them as you wish to get an original result.

Also, you don't need to worry about Facebook carousel ad image sizes or Instagram carousel ad specs. They are all optimized according to the social media network you aim for.

Social Media Carousel Ads
Top Features

Creative features to ensure the ''swipeability'' effect

As a creative platform, Creatopy provides plenty of features to ensure an intuitive experience.
Here are only a few of them that contribute to the irresistible need of audiences to swipe the slides of your carousel ads on social media.


Formats & sizes

Your Facebook and Instagram carousel ads are optimized for any social media platform. You just focus on designing.


Upload files

If it's easier for you to work on previous images, import without a worry. We'll keep the quality, so you can edit them as you wish.


Video editing tool

Perfect for carousel ads in social media. Import your footage, edit, trim, and cut as you please. Impress and move audiences.


Elements library

Give your slides a touch of your signature and customize them adding shapes, illustrations, text—you name it.



Boost productivity by sending feedback, managing work, and letting your team edit carousel ads for a collective success.


Individual download

Reuse the visuals based on your marketing goals. Select and export slides individually in formats such as JPG, PNG, or PDF.

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Creative social media carousel ads tell your story right

Visual storytelling is the next best thing on the advertising market. It will never get old or boring. Carousel ads will always have something new to show and tell. Facebook and Instagram carousel ads are powerful tools that aim to attract, engage and entertain audiences with sequential stories.

They have only one job: to convert. The more creative they are, the more they score. Creatopy has the whole package for your story to reach that goal. Just start designing.