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Create Instagram Stories Online with Creatopy's Instagram Story Maker
step by step

How to create an Instagram story

  • 1

    Start by selecting the Instagram story size

    There’s no need for you to remember the exact dimensions for Instagram Stories. Just log into your account and select the Story size listed under the Social tab to make an Instagram story.

  • 2

    Design your story

    To create a story, you can start browsing our collection of hundreds of amazing looking templates. You can find them on your dashboard. All you have to do is select the desired category, and then choose the template that best suits your needs. Templates save time and effort, but if you have a clear vision in mind of how your Instagram story background should look, you can start with a blank canvas.

  • 3

    Customize the story

    Customize your story with the help of our Instagram story editor. You can simply drag and drop your visuals and text, or if you lack the inspiration, you can choose preset typography styles and personalize it with other fonts and colors. Our elements library offers various choices from illustrations to stock photos, shapes, icons, buttons, and brand logos when it comes to visuals. Make sure you add your logo and brand name to draw the audience’s attention.

  • 4

    Preview and adjust

    It is time to be creative by adding motion to your design. It is well-known that animated Instagram stories raise your creation’s chance to be unskippable and bring more potential followers. With our Instagram story maker’s help, you can play around by adding clipping masks so the visual element will take that particular mask’s shape, add GIFs, or even audio using the drag and drop editor.

  • 5

    Download the story

    After your creation is ready, you can download it in JPG, PNG, or MP4 file, depending on what kind of story you created. You are now ready to share it on your feed for all your followers to watch it.


Grab an Instagram story template

You don’t need to know how to make an Instagram story from scratch; you can use one of our social media templates as a starting point. All you have to do is customize it with your pictures, colors, fonts, and logo. Add animations for a jolly effect and download it.

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Create sensational Instagram stories with Creatopy

No coding or design skills needed. Just create.

We've developed the internet's most performant and easy-to-use visual production platform to help you create beautiful designs hassle-free.

Keep up with Instagram's fast-paced rhythm and keep your followers engaged with surprising stories.

Effortlessly create stories and post them to feed once a day, twice a day or multiple times a day. Never miss an opportunity to stand out!

Don't settle for an OKayish Instagram account

Whether you're looking to increase your brand's popularity or sell your products or services online, advertising through Instagram stories can make a huge difference.

But remember, this is a place where you're competing against your followers' family, friends and favorite stars. Unless you publish relevant and catchy content, your brand won't be taken into consideration by people scrolling down the feed.

So, you need high-quality visual content. Luckily, we can help you.

Use the powerful stories feature to create buzz around your brand

Here’s how you can use Insta stories:

- Release behind the scenes videos
- Sneak peek videos of your next projects
- How-to guides
- Offer limited-time discounts
- Give advice: tips & tricks
- Organize contests

Plus, include hashtags and links to drive people to your website!


All the design tools you need to create a great story

Create spectacular Instagram stories online to gain new followers, promote your business or sell. Don't worry about the designing part. We've got everything covered for you. This tool is so intuitive you will instantly be able to create a story, without any prior design course or skills.

Beautiful ready-made templates

We’ve created tons of Instagram stories templates: from food & drinks to travel, how-to guides and sneak peek stories.

Professional stock images

Save money on your designs. You have free access to our database of professional stock images. Use as many pictures as you need to create your story!

Trendy shapes and icons

Instagram stories have made a name for themselves by using innovative add-ons, emojis, characters, and shapes. Browse through our collection of cliparts and pick your favs.

Popular fonts

In visual advertising, fonts can act as voices. Use one of our popular fonts to convey your brand’s message or upload your own.

Stylish preset typography

Use one of our eye-catching, ready-made typography presets to make your message pop and matter.

Animation effects

Add animation effects to your design elements to make your story come to life. Bounce, slide, fade, blur, glow, roll, rotate or flip, make it a happy story!


What is the recommended size and what are the safe zones for Instagram stories?

The recommended Instagram story size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. At the top and bottom of the screen, there’s a 250 px safe zone that you need to take into account when creating content for your stories. Don’t include any important information in those areas because it won’t be visible. If you upload a photo or video that does not fit this Instagram story size, then it’s going to be either cropped or zoomed in to fit the screen properly.

How do you format text in an Instagram story?

To add and format text in an Instagram Story, click on Aa from the top right of the screen. Start typing in your text, and see which font you’d like to use by browsing the options from the bottom of the screen. To change the text’s color, click on the colored circle from the top of the screen. Play with the color formatting even more by taping the A in the box icon. Pinch-to-zoom the text to change its size or click the align icon to align the text to the right, to the left, or center it.

What are the recommended resolution and aspect ratio for Instagram stories?

The recommended resolution for an Instagram story is 1080 x 1920 pixels, which guarantees that your image will display clearly on full HD screens. You can always go higher, as long as you make sure your file has an aspect ratio of 9:16. This is the most commonly used aspect ratio that looks good on vertical screens.

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