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Creatopy helps you design engaging Instagram story ads to promote your business and stand out on social media. Drag and drop elements to create the best designs.

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Grab an Instagram story template

You don't have to start from scratch when designing with Creatopy. Our team of professional designers have created a wide variety of social media templates you can choose from. Start with a template personalize it for your business needs.


All in one Instagram Story Editor

Creatopy helps you make spectacular Instagram stories online to gain new followers, promote your business or sell.


Beautiful ready-made templates

Creatopy features tons of Instagram stories templates: from food & drinks to travel, how-to guides and sneak peek stories.


Professional stock images

Save money on your designs. Creatopy gives you free access to our database of professional stock images. Use as many pictures as you need to create your story!


Trendy shapes and icons

Instagram stories have made a name for themselves by using innovative add-ons, emojis, characters, and shapes. Browse through our collection of cliparts and pick your favs.


Popular fonts

Choose one of our unique font styles to convey your brand's message. You can also choose to upload your own font.


Stylish preset typography

Use one of Creatopy's eye-catching, ready-made typography presets to make your message pop and matter.


Animation effects

Help your story come to life by adding animation effects to your design elements. Bounce, slide, fade, blur, glow, roll, rotate or flip, make it a happy story!

step by step

How to create an Instagram story

  • 1

    Sign up or login

    Sign up or login in Creatopy dashboard for free to start creating your design. Select the story size listed under the social tab to make an Instagram story.

  • 2

    Use a template

    Start with an Instagram story template that best suits your advertising needs. Our collection features hundreds of amazing looking templates. You can also start with a blank canvas If you have a clear vision in mind of how you want your Instagram story background to look.

  • 3

    Customize the story

    Customize your design using our drag and drop Instagram story editor. You can add images, text fonts and colors. You can also use your branded materials such as your company logo to draw your audience's attention.

  • 4

    Preview and adjust

    Continue by adding some motion to your design. Animated Instagram stories raise your creation’s chance to be unskippable and bring more potential followers. With our Instagram story maker you can add GIFs, or even audio to your design. You can customize any animation characteristic such as animation entry, exit, movement, time and duration.

  • 5

    Download the story

    After your creation is ready, you can download it in JPG, PNG, or MP4 file, depending on what kind of story you created. You are now ready to share it on your feed for all your followers to watch it.

Design with Creatopy

Use high-quality visual content

You can create sensational Instagram stories for your followers when using the right assets. Creatopy's library features thousands of high quality stock photos available at the click of a button. Design like a pro without worrying about size requirements or image quality.

Diversify your Instagram stories

Use powerful Instagram stories to create buzz around your brand. You can get your audience more involved by creating stories to offer limited-time discounts, give advice, organize contests or promote downloadable how-to guides. You can also include hashtags to drive people to your website.


What is the recommended size and what are the safe zones for Instagram stories?

Size is very important both for Facebook banners and Instagram stories. To get the best results for your Instagram story design use a size of 1080x1920 pixels. All the important information can be included in the safe zome to make sure that it is visible. 

How do you format text in an Instagram story?

Easily add and format text in an Instagram Story by clicking on Aa from the top right of the screen. You can choose the preferred font by starting to type in your text, and browse over the options from the bottom of the screen. If you need another text color, you can always click on the colored circle from the top of the screen. Play with the color formatting even more by taping the A in the box icon. You can change your font size by zooming over it and by clicking the align icon you can display the text to the right, left, or center. 

What are the recommended resolution and aspect ratio for Instagram stories?

You can use a size of 1080x1920 pixels to get the best results for your Instagram story design. If you want your design to also look good on vertical screens use the aspect ratio of 9:16. 

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