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usage-based add-on

Ad delivery and optimization

Pair powerful creative production with robust ad delivery and optimization. Manage the whole cycle of your ad campaign in one platform, including creative A/B testing, cross-platform ad serving, performance tracking, and agile optimization.

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Deliver, track and optimize in real time

  • Design across sizes and variations

    Create a master design or set of banners at once. Remember, you can connect your CSV with Creatopy's Feed if you want to generate multiple variations.

  • Use ad tags to publish your creatives

    Select your preferred ad networks where you want to distribute your ads. Generate the ad tag and import it straight away to the network.

  • Check performance, adjust on the fly

    Track clicks, impressions, and other metrics in intuitive dashboards. Optimize your ads in real time by simply updating your data feed and syncing it with Creatopy.

  • Pay based on number of impressions

    Customize your plan with the number of impressions you need. Consider your current monthly usage and easily simulate the costs before starting a trial.

scaled ad production and delivery

Go live with high-volumes of ad variations

Create as many ad variations as you need for your campaign in bulk and deliver them to your chosen networks using ad tags. To make real-time updates to your live creatives, simply update and sync your data feed with Creatopy.

use cases

Drive results with your ad creatives


Personalized ads

Personalize your ads with dynamic custom messaging, such as country, region, city, or name, for more tailored communication.


Agile campaigns

Make updates to your live campaign without putting it on hold. We host your ads on our servers, allowing you to be agile when needed.


Dynamic ads

Apply dynamic rules and serve dynamic ads based on location, language, user searches, and other custom variables.

optimized campaigns

Launch winning ad creatives with A/B testing

Launch winning ad campaigns with Creatopy. Find out which are the best-performing creatives before going live with your ad campaign, make data-driven decisions with detailed analytics, and iterate for the best results.


maximize potential

Make every impression count

Include the ad delivery and optimization add-on to your chosen plan to serve ads that drive your advertising KPIs to the next level.