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Design your next captivating YouTube banner with Creatopy. Easily customize your YouTube channel with your branding and engage your audience. Making a great first impression is essential for success, and your YouTube channel art and video thumbnails can help you achieve it.

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High-impact channel art templates

Save time with YouTube banner templates

Draw inspiration from our library of pre-made templates and get your YouTube banner ready in minutes. Simply select your preferred template and personalize it with your branding. You can also customize your channel art with our elements library, which includes Shutterstock images, shapes, and original illustrations.

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Why use Creatopy for YouTube banner design

Complement your video content with engaging YouTube channel art that takes your business to the next level. Build a professional profile that always stands out.

Drag and drop editor

With Creatopy, you don’t need to be an expert designer to create beautiful YouTube banners. Find everything at your fingertips, including graphic elements, illustrations, and other assets. Access your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts right from our platform.

Blending mode and background remover

Make unique YouTube banners using distinctive features. Try the blending mode to combine two photos or elements creatively, or use the background remover to customize your images. Check how everything looks by clicking the preview button.

Complex rich text

Use bullet points, strikethrough, superscripts, or subscripts to make your YouTube channel art stand out. You now have instant access to your Brand Kit typography and higher control over your font style and weight for enhanced text customization.
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Showcase your brand with your YouTube channel art

With Creatopy, you can create a Brand Kit that contains your logo, fonts, photos, color palette, and branded graphics. This way, whenever you need to refresh your YouTube banner, you have your assets at hand and stay on brand at all times.

Create a brand kit for your banner production
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YouTube banner creation and a lot more

If you require additional assets for YouTube, such as YouTube thumbnails and YouTube ads, keep in mind that Creatopy offers a variety of options for designing whatever creatives you need. Creatopy is more than just a YouTube banner maker—it’s a comprehensive creative automation platform.

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YouTube banner creation in 4 easy steps

How to make a YouTube banner

Enjoy using an intuitive platform that helps you make your YouTube banners in minutes.

  • Get started

    Sign in to Creatopy and search for the YouTube Channel Banner. Select the YouTube channel art size, 2560 x 1440, and you’re good to go.

  • Select a template

    Creatopy has YouTube banner templates for different industries. Pick one that you like, or create your channel cover from scratch.

  • Personalize your banner

    Customize your YouTube header with your preferred font, logo, and color palette. Add your own images or use our Shutterstock image library.

  • Download your banner

    Export your banner as a PNG or JPG, and choose the desired quality. The YouTube cover photo size is usually large, so higher quality is preferable.


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Create high-impact YouTube channel art

Create banners for YouTube meant to make a lasting impression on anyone who lands on your YouTube profile.