Create YouTube ads

Step up your YouTube advertising game with Creatopy’s intuitive editing tools. Design all types of YouTube ads, like in-video overlay ads and skippable in-stream ads.

Overlay image ads
Stand out from the crowd with great YouTube overlay image ads. Select the predefined size in Creatopy and design ads with just a few clicks by using our intuitive drag and drop editor.
Non-skippable ads
Drive brand awareness and reach more customers with YouTube non-skippable ads. Start a trial to edit and download in-stream ads of the desired duration in Creatopy.
Skippable in-stream ads
Get your business in front of new customers with YouTube skippable in-stream ad designs. Start a free trial and easily edit videos that captivate viewers from the first seconds.

Change the way you design

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    Work faster

    Focus on the creative side of making YouTube ads and speed up your workflow thanks to Creatopy’s automation features.

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    Work smarter

    Create your whole YouTube advertising campaign with a single click. Edit multiple ad sizes simultaneously, and eliminate repetitive tasks.

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    Work ahead

    Make the most out of your YouTube advertising videos. Rapidly resize designs and reuse them for other social media platforms.

Start already inspired

Make great YouTube ads without any design experience, thanks to Creatopy's editable templates made by our in-house designers. Just find the ones that suit your needs from a huge selection, including industry and event-specific templates.


Have powerful features at your fingertips

Increase your productivity level by tapping into Creatopy’s wide array of automation, customization and collaborative features that will make your ad creation process much more efficient and therefore help you save precious time.


Easy video editing

Animate ads with ease in Creatopy's intuitive video editor by mixing effects with transitions to get the desired result.


Stock video library

Browse our extensive stock video library and enhance your YouTube ads with professional high-quality footage.


Brand alignment

Always design on brand and incorporate your core values into your ads by using the Brand Kit to have all your brand assets on hand.


Switch to designing ads efficiently

With Creatopy, you can design memorable YouTube ads in no time. Explore all the platform’s perks, like the libraries of templates, stock content, creative elements, and advanced editing and customization functionalities. Try the platform for free before committing to one of the premium plans and see how it can help you level up your YouTube ads.