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Promote your brand to over two billion active users on the world's number one video-sharing platform. Turn great concepts into engaging ads in our easy-to-use YouTube ad creator and get closer to your business goals.

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Get a headstart with YouTube ad templates

Reduce your ad production time or simply get inspired by using one of many YouTube ad templates in our gallery. Explore the industry-specific categories with ease and find a design layout to customize for your specific use case.

feature highlights

User-friendly tools for powerful YouTube advertising

Streamline the YouTube ad production process thanks to Creatopy’s wide array of features. Work with premium design assets in a collaborative environment suitable for teams of any size, and deliver ads up to the highest standards.

Advanced animations

Control every movement of your ads and tell your brand’s story the way you want to. Create professional animations in our intuitive YouTube ad maker suitable for all design skill levels.

Brand alignment

Boost brand recognition by staying consistent across all YouTube ads. Upload assets like fonts, logos, and other licensed elements into a Brand kit to have them on hand when designing.

Seamless collaboration

Bring marketing and design teams together to maximize productivity. Enjoy instant feedback, easy team management, and customizable options such as branded share links.
expand reach

YouTube Shorts ads

Reach new audiences with video or image ads shown in between popular content in the Shorts Feed. Create custom image designs in our YouTube ad creator by dragging and dropping different elements onto your canvas. Stock photos, illustrations, shapes, icons—you name it, we’ve got it.

For video ads, you must have a strong opening to grab viewers’ attention within the first few seconds. Experiment with different transitions and cuts to keep users engaged and add upbeat background music from our audio library to piece everything together.

increase awareness

Bumper ads

Introduce people to your brand or product through these YouTube bite-size ads that can’t be skipped. Convey your message in up to six seconds with the help of attention-grabbing visuals and show off your brand’s identity to encourage brand recall. Finish things off with a strong call-to-action that you can emphasize using rich text options, like strikethrough, superscript, or subscript.

generate engagement

In-stream ads

Captivate users and maintain their interest until the end, whether you're running skippable or non-skippable YouTube ads. Tailor your video to perfection on the editing Timeline, where you can control every little detail. Set starting times for different layers, juggle with various animation styles, and check your progress whenever you want. All of this with just a few clicks.

How to make a YouTube ad in Creatopy

  • Choose a template

    Browse our ready-made YouTube ad templates and select one to edit. Alternatively, create a custom size to design from a blank canvas.

  • Upload your files

    Work with your own photos and video materials, or use high-quality Shutterstock images, videos, and audio tracks from our extensive stock content library.

  • Personalize your design

    Add or remove creative elements, customize transitions, and incorporate brand assets into your design to stay consistent across all YouTube ads.

  • Download your ad

    When you’re all set, choose from a list of static and video file export formats compatible with YouTube’s ad requirements, including MP4, PNG, and JPG.


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Step up your advertising game with Creatopy

Let our YouTube ad maker simplify the design process so you can put more time and effort into developing concepts, scripts, and storyboards for your ads. Try out all the platform's capabilities for free and see how easy it is to launch YouTube ad campaigns that help you increase traffic, generate leads, and drive sales.