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Facebook cover photo maker

Creating a Facebook cover image for your page is incredibly easy. Start from one of our templates, add your own images and customize it to your liking! Design the cover that best expresses your business or brand with our online Facebook cover photo maker.

Creatopy's Facebook cover photo maker
step by step

How to make a Facebook cover photo

  • 1

    Select the right Facebook cover photo size

    Log into your account, click on the Social tab and select the Facebook cover photo size. There are many standard sizes created for various platforms, and the Facebook cover is one of them. It was designed to comply with the platform's requirements, so you don’t need to remember the correct dimensions because you have them in the app.

  • 2

    Choose your cover theme

    Next, it’s time to choose a Facebook cover photo template or upload your own visuals. You can search for something specific that fits your product by looking through the many existing categories available in our free cover photo maker. If you already have a visual you wish to use, drag and drop it onto the canvas.

  • 3

    Customize the cover

    Personalize your Facebook cover photo and make it unique. There are lots of elements to use for customization, such as clipping masks, shapes, logos, icons, lines, and many more. Change the color and sizes of the elements, add text, and make it stand out.

  • 4

    Preview and adjust

    Use the contextual preview option and adjust your design until you've reached the desired result. You can change any element on the cover until it's perfectly adapted to fit your needs, and everything is visible in the safe area.

  • 5

    Download your cover

    Download your work in one of the available file formats (JPG or PNG) and upload it on your page. Come back whenever you need to create more stunning cover photos for your product or services.


Start from a Facebook cover photo template

We have lots of templates for you to start from. Just drag and drop some of your own pics to personalize your timeline or cover image for your Facebook page. Create an account and discover over 500 layouts ready to be customized as you see fit when creating a Facebook cover photo.


Why use a free Facebook cover photo maker

Stand out from the crowd with a design that will make your business look professional, relevant and original. Stay on budget with our cover photo editor!

Ready-made templates

With hundreds of predesigned layouts, crafted with care by our top-notch designers, your cover photos will be easier to create than ever.

Millions of stock photos

Take advantage of our huge list of stock images that can be used. From marketing to fashion, our high-quality imagery will give your cover a professional feel.

Text presets

Our preset text feature allows you to take the copy layout of your mind. Choose a style that fits your cover image, simply change the text and you are done!

Easy drag-and-drop editor

Creatopy offers an easy to use Facebook cover creator that lets you create banners and covers effortlessly without the need of a professional designer.

Contextual preview

See how your Facebook cover photo design will look like when posted on the platform before downloading it. Make sure your online presence is spotless every time!

Export directly from the editor

Once your covers are done, you can export them in JPG or PNG directly from the editor, or share the link to your designs with your team right away.

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Design engaging visuals and boost your page's performance right now. Take advantage of our templates, preset sizes, image and video library, animations and ready-made transitions. Make your page noticeable and unique without any design skills needed.

1. Facebook static ads
If you have a business and want to advertise it on social media, you will need to create your own professionally looking ads. We're here to help you out! We've got templates and preset sizes for you to get started.

2. Facebook video ads
Dynamic content drives results. Boost views and engage with audiences using video ads. Add text to video and cool effects to establish a long term impact within communities.

3. Contextual preview
See how your Facebook cover photo design will look like when posted on the platform before downloading it! Make the necessary adjustments, or simply add some final touches and make sure your online presence is spotless every time!


What is the size of a Facebook cover photo?

The cover of a page will display at 820 x 312 px on computers and 640 x 360 px on smartphones. You can get the best of both worlds with the 820 x 360 pixels Facebook cover size, just be careful to keep your essential information towards the center of the image, as some cropping will happen: top and bottom on desktop, and side cropping on mobile.

How do I optimize my Facebook cover photo for mobile?

You can optimize your design by keeping in mind the fact that your image will display at 640 x 360 px and by making sure that all the essential information in your design is placed within this area.

Where can I find Facebook cover photos?

You can upload any photo as your cover photo, keeping in mind the right dimensions, or use a tool such as Creatopy, that has an entire gallery of diverse templates ready to use. Our covers are fully customizable. You can choose a template from any category, edit the text, change the image, use a different font and colors, or animate it.

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