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With Creatopy, you can design LinkedIn banners that match your brand and tell your followers who you are. Our LinkedIn banner maker is based on a collaborative environment that offers you the flexibility of getting approval on your work in real-time.

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Change the way you design LinkedIn banners

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    Simpler workflow

    Explore an intuitive way of creating your visuals with Creatopy. Get rid of complicated workflows and design your banners with ease.

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    Faster repurposing

    With the Auto-Resize tool, there's no need to restart the design process for a new visual. You can resize your LinkedIn banner and use it on other social media platforms.

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    Smarter editing

    Generate entire design sets, edit your visuals at the same time and scale up your creative production. Bulk download your designs and be visually consistent everywhere.

Fresh Linkedin banner templates

Start your creative process with a bit of inspiration from our banner templates. There are plenty of LinkedIn background images for you to choose from, divided into popular categories. Pick the one that you like and edit it to match your brand's personality.

Top Features

All in one LinkedIn banner maker


Typography presets

Once you pick a template made after the required cover photo sizes, you can start editing your visual. Make your LinkedIn header look professional by choosing and matching typography presets you can find on our platform.


Brand kit

Save all the assets that define your brand in the Brand Kit. Insert them in your banner or LinkedIn sponsored posts and help your followers make fast connections between the visuals and your brand.


Professional images

Choose a high-quality background from our Shutterstock library, which has 20 million sharp images. Filter the photos to search faster for those that match your brand style and are horizontally oriented to comply with the specific banner size.


Masks & shapes

While in your editing process, you can add masks and place images over them to highlight the most important elements from your visual. Shapes are also an option when you wish to make your cover look more stylish.


Lines & icons

Add lines for a clean design, but also to give it texture, the feeling of movement, or to direct the eye towards a particular part of the banner. Insert icons if you wish to offer extra information and help your audience understand your ads better.


Easy sharing

Creatopy is based on a collaborative environment, so you can send your design to your team members, stakeholders, or people outside your company with just one click and get approval or feedback in real-time.

How to make a LinkedIn banner

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    Get inspired

    After selecting the LinkedIn banner size from the dashboard, choose the template that inspires you and matches your brand's personality. Search for the one you like in our banner photo templates and start designing.

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    Customize your banner

    Use Creatopy's complex library, packed with high-quality stock photos, icons, shapes, masks, and other assets, to create your design. Add or change the elements from your design to give it a personal touch.

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    Brand your design

    Once you added all the elements you wanted, make sure you also brand the cover. From the Brand Kit, include assets such as logo, color palette, specific imagery, your brand's font, or other creative elements specific to your brand.

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    Download your work

    When you feel your design is ready, download it in PNG or JPG format and choose its scale, which can be between 0.5X and 4X. Then, all that's left to do is to upload it to your business's LinkedIn account.

Let's not forget about the costs

Because a great header doesn't have to be expensive

Short learning curve

Enable seamless collaboration between team members with a LinkedIn banner maker tool that is easy to learn and use. No onboarding is necessary. Simply create an account and start designing your perfect LinkedIn banner.

Per seat pricing model

Scale Creatopy to your specific needs with our friendly pricing plan. Design LinkedIn headers alone or create a team, establish roles and rights, and tailor the workflows exactly as you need them to be.

7-day free trial

Feel free to explore our LinkedIn banner maker down to the smallest details using the 7-day free trial available for all premium plans. Find out how easy it is to make professional LinkedIn header designs in Creatopy.

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Creatopy has all the features you need for designing personalized, on-brand headers. Explore the platform to the fullest and discover the automation and collaborative tools that will change the way you design.