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Design a professional LinkedIn banner

Design outstanding banners, videos, or native ads for your LinkedIn campaigns. Enhance your presence on LinkedIn through stunning graphics and videos, all created with Creatopy.

LinkedIn Cover Photo

Why choose Creatopy

Auto resize

Scale your design process and avoid repetitive tasks by instantly creating different sizes of the same design using the auto resize tool. Resize from one size to another or to 20+ different social sizes at once. Have a whole campaign ready right away.

Seamless collaboration

Simplify your design workflow by bringing everyone together in one single design tool. Share your work with specific individuals, your team, or people outside your organization with just one click. Give and receive feedback instantly. Drive efficiency in any team, no matter its scale.

Updated social sizes library

Maintain a spotless presence across the social media landscape. Always get your creatives’ sizes right, no matter the platforms in your media mix. Pair with templates designed according to latest specifications, and have your campaign ready in minutes.

4 steps to easily create a premium LinkedIn image ad

You don't need to know all the LinkedIn banner sizes or ad specs. We've got everything covered for you. Easily design any type of visual:

  • 1

    Set up the basics

    Not familiar with the LinkedIn banner dimensions? No worries! Pick one of our ready-made LinkedIn banner templates and start designing. Customize it with your own pictures and elements, or start from scratch.

  • 2

    Graphic elements

    You'll find loads of stock images, modern shapes, icons, and buttons in Creatopy. Plus, you can use one of our unique typography presets to design a truly spectacular LinkedIn cover photo.

  • 3

    Stand out with animations

    Engage your followers with animated ads. Use our cutting-edge Magic Animator tool to create lively animated visual ads. Simply click to pick an animation effect from the Animator's panel and see your work come to life.

  • 4

    Export your file

    When you're done, download your file as a JPG, PNG, GIF, or MP4. Then, upload it as your LinkedIn cover photo. Our exports are standard-compliant, high-quality visual materials. Next step: watch your page take off.

Easy to use

Design an exceptional LinkedIn header with our drag & drop online design tool

Having a great LinkedIn page is a must these days, whether you're a big corporation, start-up or ambitious entrepreneur. That's why we've created some beautiful LinkedIn banner photo templates to help you easily set up your company page in a grand way. Plus, with Creatopy, you can create stunning visual ads to showcase your products, promote your news or announce upcoming events.

Linkedin banner editor
video ads

Create captivating LinkedIn video ads to engage your followers

Stand out on LinkedIn with great content. With Creatopy you can create beautiful LinkedIn video ads to promote your business to a targeted professional audience. Easily create MP4 video files using pictures and animation effects and engage business decision-makers with your brand. Showcase your products or services, tell your brand's story or offer a sneak peek at your next project. Use video to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, or generate leads.

Create Linkedin Video Ads
native ads

A business opportunity you can't miss: LinkedIn native advertising

Whether your marketing objective is to boost your brand's popularity, drive leads or nurture key business partnerships, LinkedIn sponsored posts can help you achieve it. Design outstanding visual and video ads with Creatopy and publish them on LinkedIn. Take your B2B marketing strategy to the next level.

Linkedin native advertising
premium templates

Industry-related superb LinkedIn background photo templates

We store loads of premium LinkedIn background images matching every major industry. Browse through our fine, ready-made visuals and choose one that suits your business and target audience. All our templates are in line with the current LinkedIn banner size.

show your values

LinkedIn cover photos that truly reflect your business values

Use Creatopy to create all the visual materials for your LinkedIn page: profile picture, cover photo, regular posts, and advertisements. Make sure your company looks great on the world's largest corporate & professionals network.