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[Free Webinar] How to Animate for High-Impact Ads

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What will we cover?

In a world where everyone’s bombarded with content, you must ensure your ads grab people’s attention. Animated ads can do that for you – and in this webinar, we plan to discuss exactly how animations can drive better engagement and create a bigger impact on your advertising campaigns.

Our colleagues, Gery Meleg & Ruben Szekrényes will chat about the power of animated ads and how Creatopy’s new & improved Timeline can help you create scroll-stopping ads in minutes.

Join us and learn:

- Why animations are so powerful.
- How to use animations for high-impact ad campaigns.
- How to use Creatopy to design animated ads that attract and convert.

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Meet our speakers

Gery Meleg is our VP of UX – otherwise known as the person who leads all our efforts to make Creatopy the best and most user-friendly ad design platform there is.

Ruben Szekrényes is our Product Design Lead, the project owner for our new Timeline and Animations feature (and thus, the one who can answer all your questions on how to best leverage Creatopy to design high-impact ads).

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