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Create Facebook video ads and get the attention of your target audience easier. Make powerful visuals using Creatopy’s inventory packed with elements that help you enjoy a smooth video design process on a collaborative platform that unites creative teams.

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Facebook video ad templates

Significantly reduce the ad production time and start already inspired. Use one of the customizable Facebook video ad templates that allow you to easily brand them with your own elements. All the templates come in predefined sizes, so you won’t have to think about this part either.

facebook video templates

How to create Facebook video ads

  • Choose a template

    Search through our gallery and pick a customizable video ad template, or choose from one of the Facebook video ad sizes and start creating from scratch.

  • Customize your video

    Create your custom video ad fast by easily editing any video template using the timeline. Trim or cut the video, add Creatopy's assets or bring your own.

  • Generate multiple sizes

    Have the same branded content across Facebook by generating ads in different sizes starting from the original size and editing them at the same time.

  • Export your video

    Download your ads into one of the available formats compatible with Facebook, and launch a social media advertising campaign that makes your audience stop scrolling.

Top Features

Automated video production

Explore all the features that will help you discover an improved video ad creation process. Streamline communication in a collaborative environment that unites creatives with media and brand teams.


Predefined sizes

Skip a step in the ad creation process and choose a ready-made video ad size. Go straight to the editing part while being confident your video ad will comply with the Facebook video ad specs.


Brand alignment

Have control over your brand’s identity and save your unique assets in a Brand Kit accessible straight from the workspace. In this way, you can secure brand consistency across all videos.


Stock video

Upload your own videos, or choose one from our stock library using the filter to match your desired video ad specs. Edit the video as you wish and ad a matching Facebook ad copy.


Advanced video editing

Use the Timeline feature from the platform to effortlessly trim your video. Choose a preset or add smooth transitions that will result in powerful Facebook video advertising.


Instant resizing

Help your audience recognize your brand faster by having the same visuals across Facebook. Instantly resize your original design using the resize feature.


Efficient collaboration

Bring all creative members directly into the platform to work together. Enjoy an enhanced workflow that allows real-time collaboration between teams, agencies, and publishers.

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