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Design eye-catching social media graphics

Supercharge your social media strategy with striking posts, stories, and videos that get users to stop scrolling on the spot. Create social media graphics in a user-friendly interface and automatically adapt your visual content to any platform's size and format requirements.

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Customizable templates for all social platforms

Start inspired and save time with a wide range of social media templates for placements like Pinterest pins, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, LinkedIn headers, YouTube thumbnails, and many others. Find professionally designed templates for all occasions and industries and customize them in a drag-and-drop editor.

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Stand out with personalized social media graphics

Maximize the impact of your posts and boost engagement through design customization. Access countless resources to enhance your creatives, like high-quality stock photos, video and audio, original illustrations, and font combinations that go together perfectly. Infuse elements that reinforce your brand identity while keeping a cohesive image.

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Engage users with video and animation

Capture attention and tell your brand's story through the power of motion. Edit short-form video content with ease using premium stock content and your own design assets, or turn any static design into an animation in no time. Apply ready-made presets with just a click or create custom animations for more control over every detail.

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Expand your social media presence

Reach potential customers on all the major social media platforms with optimized visuals and videos. Resize your creatives in many different sizes instantly without repetitive work. No need to know the dimensions by heart—just focus on creating amazing designs. Our predefined social media dimensions will ensure sure you comply with

platform requirements.

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key features

All you need for social media

graphic design

Enter an environment built to empower your creativity. Create social media graphics that align with your brand guidelines while seamlessly collaborating with your team.

brand alignment feature

Brand alignment

Build recognition by maintaining brand consistency across all social media graphics. Set up a brand kit to keep assets like logos, fonts, and official colors close for regular use.

Seamless collaboration feature

Seamless collaboration

Accelerate the approval process for your social media designs. Share your work with team members or external stakeholders and get feedback through real-time comments.

multiple channels export option

Multiple export formats

Easily comply with the upload requirements of any platform. Download your designs in various social media-compatible export formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, and MP4.


I like having our team members all in one space where we can collaborate on creative assets. It's nice we can import our own brand assets into the platform.

Eric Jackson-Sarkany, Demand Generation Strategist



Creatopy lets our team take our design work to the next level by making it easy to build dynamic, social, and digital content quickly and efficiently. These tools are just what we needed to scale up the work we do in the digital space.

Jesse Godfrey

Clemson University

Byte Project

The ability to create banners in different formats in the blink of an eye by changing the resolution and repositioning objects is extraordinary. Available templates are modern.

Giorgio Russo

Byte Project

all-in-one platform

More than a social media design tool

It's not just social media content that you can make in Creatopy. Manage the production of all your marketing assets in a single place and cut additional expenses.

design customization feature

Design customization

Tailor your ads and visual content to the audience's preferences. Create custom designs with all the resources you need in one place.

automation feature


Accelerate execution and launch campaigns faster. Generate design variations in bulk using data feeds and edit all creatives at once.

creative optimization feature

Creative optimization

Improve campaign performance by running creative A/B testing. Check data and compare results without leaving the platform.

boost efficiency

How to create social media graphics

Creating social media graphics is easier than ever in Creatopy. Get your social media marketing content ready for publishing in just a few simple steps.

Choose a template

Browse our template collection and pick a professional design that suits your needs. Alternatively, select a predefined social media size and start from scratch.

Customize the design

Personalize your visual using our resources or upload your own. Add and remove elements, change the colors, replace fonts, and incorporate brand assets until you get the right mix.


This step is optional. You can choose to add motion to your social graphics with animation templates or animate individual elements of a design to make it more captivating.

Download your creative

When you're pleased with the design, choose the right export format for your destination platform from options like JPG, GIF, and MP4. Download your file within seconds and share it on social media.

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Design scroll-stopping social media graphics

Create stunning social media graphics that can grow your follower count and boost audience engagement to new heights. Start a free trial in Creatopy to see if our social media graphics creator is a good fit for you and your team.