Create TikTok ads to expand your reach

Start a free trial and the most out of TikTok advertising with the help of Creatopy. Get inspired by our professionally designed templates and create eye-catching TikTok ads. Publish your ads on TikTok and connect with potential customers.

In-feed ads
Reach a wider audience with attractive TikTok in-feed ads. Take Creatopy's templates as examples and create unique ad designs in minutes.
Video ads
Experiment with video effects and seamless transitions to make captivating TikTok video ads that speak to your audience in an engaging way.
TopView ads
Increase brand exposure through professional looking TikTok topview ads. Design in Creatopy and reach users quickly after opening the TikTok app.
Brand takeover ads
Include TikTok brand takeover ads in your campaign and leverage their precise targeting to get your well designed ads in front of the right users.
Carousel ads
Easily design TikTok carousel ads to showcase your bestselling products. Offer smooth shoppable experiences within the TikTok app.

Change the way you create ads

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    Work faster

    With Creatopy's drag and drop editor, you can make TikTok ads in just a few minutes. Customize any video easily with the timeline feature.

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    Work ahead

    Make the most out of TikTok advertising. Resize your videos for various formats and reuse them for other social media platforms.

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    Work smarter

    Create an entire campaign for the TikTok ads platform by editing various sizes at the same time with just a few clicks.

Start with inspiration

The creative process starts with our diverse templates. Choose the Story size to browse our library and find a template that matches your advertising needs. Customize it however you want by adding transitions, changing the text, font, or graphic elements.


Powerful features at your fingertips

Jumpstart your TikTok advertising strategy with Creatopy. Create successful campaigns in a collaborative environment that is powered by automation.


Stock video library

Creatopy offers a variety of stock video content that you can customize with ease to showcase your brand's personality.


Advanced animation

Add movement to your TikTok ads with just one click by using the Magic Animator. Make your ad campaign pop with smooth transitions.


Easy video editing

Animate ads with ease with our intuitive editor and timeline feature to get the desired length and result for your video.


Make ads that engage TikTok users

Spend less time creating TikTok ads that drive results. Use Creatopy's automation features to build ad campaigns that send the right message and are click-worthy. Explore our platform down to the smallest details using the 7-day free trial available for all premium plans. Find out how easy it is to make TikTok ads.