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Creative automation for advertising campaign scaling

Save time and money when building your advertising campaigns by streamlining your design process with an efficient and creative automation tool.

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More than just a creative automation tool

Streamline your design process and get more done in less time with Creatopy's automation tools.


Smart Resizer

Instantly create different sizes of a creative design with the Smart Resize tool. Simply set reference layouts for each type of orientation and the intelligent scaling algorithm will resize your design up to 60+ different preset sizes or to your own custom sizes at once.


Feed Ad Builder

Source your content info with data feeds and instantly create multiple variations of a design to avoid ad fatigue. Automatically sync your data with your design as often as you choose for creative ads that are always up to date and ready to go live.


Design Sets Generator

Cut the repetitive work and create an entire ad set at once. Explore the extensive in-app display and social media sizes library and select those that work for you or create custom ones. Simultaneously edit, animate and download all your creative designs.

time efficient ad design

Shorten your
time to market

Go from concept to live ad campaign in a matter of hours. Easily portray your creative vision using the premium creative elements. Use Creatopy's creative automation software to scale your ad design to more sizes rapidly for multi-platform use. Serve, update and track the performance of your campaign effortlessly.

Creatopy's creative automation software to scale your ad design
brand consistent ad design

Consistency up
to the last pixel

Achieve and maintain brand consistency in all the phases of your creative process. Have all your brand elements organized in a Brand Kit and ready to use right in your workspace. Avoid human error when scaling on multiple sizes by letting the intelligent tools in Creatopy take care of all the resizing and versioning.

Resize using the creative automation tool
cost-effective ad design

Take control over your ad production

Our creative automation platform helps you achieve superior cost-effectiveness of your ad design process by moving all your ad scaling and versioning related activities in-house. Become independent of third-party suppliers with intuitive design automation tools designed to reduce a full campaign delivery time to minutes.

creative automation tool designed to reduce a full campaign delivery time

See what else you can do in Creatopy

Create and manage all your digital assets in one place. Maintain full control over your ad creation.


Ad serving

Get unique embed codes for specific uses: ad buy platforms, DSPs, SSPs, CMS, and standard, with just a few clicks. Update live ads in real-time.


Team collaboration

Leave comments, tag your colleagues, attach files with extra information, if needed, and get everyone on the same page—even external collaborators.


Workflow management

Create teams and workspaces, allocate roles and rights, set privacy levels for your projects and always have a clear overview of your creative process.

Create at scale

Optimize your production process with creative automation

Choose Creatopy, the ad design platform, to create at scale and get more done in less time.