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Free, online HTML5 animated banner maker

Try for free our HTML5 animation tool and create beautiful and smooth animated banner ads within minutes. Start from over 1000 ready made HTML5 banner templates or create your own designs.

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How to make animated banners that stand out

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    Choose a size

    The perfect animated design starts with the right size for your advertising campaign. You can choose from one of our pre-set sizes or create your own custom size and start from there.

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    Start designing

    Now you have two options: start from scratch or use a template. In our HTML5 editor, you can find thousands of templates that can help you create professional animated ads and cut the creation time in half. The interface is extremely intuitive, so you can easily create animated banners from a blank canvas.

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    Personalize your banner

    You can customize every element of your design to create a personalized HTML banner. Add fonts, images, videos, shapes, a CTA button, or change colors to transform it into a visual that matches your brand identity. Go even further by uploading elements from your computer and making the design consistent with the other visual materials you already have.

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    Animate the banner

    Now, it’s time to add movement to your design. Animated ads are more engaging than static ones, so you want to leverage this to your advantage. In Creatopy, you have access to smooth HTML5 animations that don’t require any coding and technical skills. What’s more, is that you can animate any design in just a couple of clicks. Want to spice things up on social media? Add more movement to any layer with middle animations.

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    Once you’re happy with how the animated banner turned out, it is ready to use on all major ad networks. You can download it in any format you’d like, from HTML5 to AMP HTML for Google Ads or in MP4 format for social media.

design presets

Ready made animated banner ad templates created by professional designers

Explore a few of our animated banner examples in the gallery below.

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All the animations you'll ever need

With Creatopy, you can animate your assets in just a few clicks. Not only that, but you can add more movement to any layer by using middle animations. To make an animation stand out even more, it’s now possible to add specific triggers to middle transitions, such as the hover and infinite triggers.

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Creatopy - online HTML5 banner maker

Start creating elaborate animations using HTML5 technology. 100% online no other software required.

Online HTML5 Banner Maker

Animations for all your marketing campaigns

Animated social media ads

When it comes to Social Media, animated content gets noticed faster. Animate your Social Media ads to get more engagement and a better CTR. Download your animations as MP4 to make them compatible with all major Social Media networks.


Download Google Ads compatible AMP/HTML animations to level-up your display ads campaigns in minutes! Use the fastest web format for better performing mobile ads.


What are the most common animated banner sizes?

Google recommends using a few different sizes when running animated banner ads on mobile devices and desktop. For desktop users, use the following sizes: 300 x 250, 336 x 280, 728 x 90, 970 x 90, 468 x 60, 300 x 600, 160 x 600, 250 x 250, and 200 x 200. For mobile devices, you can use 300 x 200, 300 x 50, 300 x 100, 250 x 250, and 200 x 200. To achieve the best results, try to stick with these dimensions. 

How can I make my animated banner ad more attractive?

Here’s how you can make your animated banner ad more attractive: choose the best size; make sure the format is compatible with the ad network; structure the elements of your ad (logo, text, visuals, CTA); use colors that match your brand’s visual identity; choose the right typeface; use eye-catching visual elements; add smooth transitions and animation effects; have a strong CTA.

What are the best animated banner placements?

There are three different placements to consider. Firstly, there’s the placement above the fold, which is effective because it’s the first thing visitors see when they enter a webpage, so they don’t need to scroll down. Secondly, you can place the animated banner in the sidebar located in the right-hand corner of the screen, next to the scroll bar. The last placement is within content, which can be effective since the visitor is already engaged with the content and the ad can get their attention.

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Create HTML5 animated ads within minutes

Scale your work by using our banner generator to create entire sets of HTML5 ads. Save more time and get the perfect animated ads every time!