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improve team workflow

Manage. Collab. Share. Keep everyone in sync.

Move your ad campaigns forward quickly and smoothly. Design and marketing teams, along with external partners, can now collaborate on a single platform throughout the entire cycle of the campaign.

Get feedback instantly

Leave comments, tag your colleagues, and get everyone on the same page.

Grow your team

Create new teams for specific projects and invite new members to join.

Invite collaborators

Enable your clients to join you through easy access to a shareable page.
team management

Manage your team roles and permissions

Set up your team: Invite all the members of the team to join your workspace, and easily assign them to specific projects.

Assign specific roles: Monitor access levels and designate appropriate roles to your colleagues based on their responsibilities on the team.


Communicate and get feedback in real-time

Add comments: Ask questions or leave notes on your designs, tag your colleagues, attach files with extra information if needed, and improve the review process.

Set comment status: Keep a clear view of accomplished tasks and ongoing work by marking messages as resolved, hiding them from the design.

share link

Easily show your work to stakeholders

Share link: Collaborate inside and outside your team. Anyone with a share link can leave comments and share their feedback with you.

Review multiple designs: Streamline collaboration with your partners by sharing folders containing all designs at once, thereby reducing the review cycle.

Always in sync with your team and clients

Enjoy the full cycle of design collaboration, have your team well-organized, and include both your team and external partners in the process from start to finish.


Organize your campaigns in dedicated projects and assign each member to dedicated projects to give your team more visibility.

User Groups

Allow admins or team owners to assign entire groups to a project instead of individual users, for a more efficient workflow.

Roles and rights

Assign roles like admin, template designer, editor, or viewer based on desired accessibility levels for team members.

Branded share link

Customize your sharing page to display your branding so that whenever your clients receive any of your work, they can clearly see it's yours.

Custom templates

Allow marketers to create new ads with custom templates made by the design team, ensuring high-quality creatives for your campaigns.

Brand control

Maintain brand integrity and consistency with brand control, giving you the ability to hide stock media, assets, and web fonts.

Help your creative team thrive


Bring design and marketing teams together

Discover a platform that helps your marketing and design teams stay productive throughout the whole cycle of an ad campaign.