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All-in-one online video editor

Captivate audiences through motion and storytelling. Create any type of video that serves your marketing objectives, including social media ads, product demos, and customer testimonials. All in an online video editor you can access from your browser.

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Powerful tools for effortless video creatives

Experience a series of pro features in an editor that anyone can master. Create outstanding video content to engage or educate viewers while enjoying seamless collaboration between marketing and design teams.

Easy-to-use interface

Create and edit videos online using an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality. No need for professional skills.

Fully customizable video templates

Shorten the video editing process by using one of many industry-specific templates you can personalize for your use case.

Video formats and aspect ratios

Use preset sizes and various export formats to make videos compatible with several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Simple text overlays

Add text to your video to convey your message effectively. Apply animation to typography elements to make them more engaging.

Stock audio library

Access an extensive collection of premium tracks to enhance your videos. After picking a sound, make edits to match it perfectly.

High-quality photo and video stock

Design professional-looking videos with over 20 million Shutterstock images and premium stock video content available in Creatopy.

Multiple brand kits

Incorporate your brand’s personality into every video you create. Keep your licensed assets organized into a brand kit for easy access.

Efficient collaboration and feedback

Communicate smoothly with all parties involved in the video design process. Share your work and get instant feedback via comments.

Performance reports and analytics

See how your video ads perform in real time. Check reports directly on our platform or download them as CSV files.

Motion design made easy for everyone

Preset animation styles
Capture attention by combining built-in animations such as fade, soft blur, slide up or down, glide, and many others.

Quick video transitions

Speed up or slow down the pace of your video as needed. Add or remove transitions with a few clicks and adjust them to appear seamless.

Video looping options

Keep viewers engaged for longer. Use the loop function to replay your video continuously or for a fixed number of times.

Full control over the video editing process

Intuitive video editing timeline
View your editing progress in full or one frame at a time. Trim, edit, and reorder layers until you reach the desired result.

Preview at any time
Open your video in the preview mode as you’re editing it. Catch and address errors sooner rather than later and deliver top-notch creatives.

Instant video resize
Edit once, then repurpose your work. Resize the video on various aspect ratios to use on different platforms.

Numerous video personalization options

Custom-made animations
Build your own animations to make your video stand out. Move, scale, and rotate elements, or adjust opacity and blur freely.

Easy text formatting
Style your video text to make it visually appealing and ensure high readability. Add text spacing and emphasize important words with strikethroughs, superscripts, and subscripts, among others.

How to edit a video in Creatopy

  • Choose a template

    Browse our gallery and pick a professionally made video template you can customize. As an alternative, open up a preset size in the video editor to start from scratch.

  • Assemble design assets

    Select images, videos, or audio tracks you’d like to use from our stock content library. If you'd rather work with your own files, upload them within seconds.

  • Customize your video

    Trim and arrange clips, adjust transitions, sync your video with the audio, and add text. Don’t forget to include branded assets like logos or official fonts.

  • Download your file

    Preview your work to make sure no more edits are needed before choosing an export format. Get your ready-to-publish video file on the spot.


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