Create Pinterest ads

Creatopy helps you level up your social media advertising game with unique Pinterest ads. The easy-to-use tools and eye-catching animations allow you to bring your vision to life. Use one of our creative templates or start from scratch.

Static pins and ads
Tell your brand's story with one image by designing remarkable Pinterest static pins and ads that you can resize according to the specifications given.
Video ads
Start a free trial and design Pinterest video ads by using powerful animations that bring your ideas to life.
Carousel ads
Add something special with Pinterest carousel ads that you can design and resize using Creatopy's intuitive interface.
Shopping ads
Promote your products to the right audience with Pinterest shopping ad designs. Create and edit using simple drag-and-drop movements.

Upgrade your ad design process

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    Work faster

    Use Creatopy’s toolkit to quickly design and edit Pinterest ads that get clicks. Achieve more in less time and boost your digital presence.

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    Work ahead

    Repurpose your Pinterest advertising designs and videos by resizing them in a few seconds and publishing them on other social media platforms.

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    Work efficiently

    Publish your campaign faster by editing and animating multiple designs simultaneously and take full advantage of the Pinterest targeting.

Inspiration is one click away

It’s easier than ever to create professional looking Pinterest ads because you have access to Creatopy’s extensive library of templates made by in-house designers. Just pick a static or video template and customize it to suit your brand’s needs.


Explore the creative posibilities

Enter an intuitive and collaborative environment with multiple features and functionalities that will make your design process more efficient. Create impactful Pinterest ads effortlessly and launch complex campaigns quicker than ever before.


Advanced editing

Deliver engaging Pinterest video ads quickly thanks to Creatopy’s timeline feature that helps you edit and customize with a few clicks.


Premium photo & video stock

Access premium stock content for both photo and video ad types and ensure your Pinterest ads look flawless with minimum effort.


Brand alignment

Keep your Pinterest ads on brand by using the platform's Brand Kit feature that allows you to store all your visual assets on hand.


Design ads in tune with your brand

Creatopy’s remarkable features, together with its stock content, templates and creative elements are the perfect tools to help you design high-impact Pinterest ads that perfectly reflect your brand’s identity.