Create video ads

Scale your ad production using video ads that are compatible with the most popular platforms. Work together with your team in Creatopy’s intuitive video ads maker to create and customize video advertising campaigns in no time.

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Customizable video templates

Simplify the creative process and promote your business by choosing a video ad template that matches your brand's identity. Create a video ad and customize it with your logo, color scheme, fonts, and other branded assets, to which you can easily add smooth transitions.


How to make a video ad

Grow your business by having professional-looking video ads ready in just 4 easy steps using Creatopy. You can use our video ads maker to create video ads in different video formats for platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

  • Choose a template

    Search our gallery and pick a customizable video ad template. You can also start from scratch and choose a predefined size and all the elements yourself.

  • Edit your design

    Customize your template by changing the text, logo, or illustrations. Upload your own video or search our stock libraries of videos and audio tracks to pick your fit.

  • Generate multiple sizes

    Instantly resize your video in various sizes, thanks to our easy-to-use resize tool. Be present with the same message and visuals across all channels.

  • Export your video ad

    Download your video ad in one of the available formats. Choose to export it as GIF, MP4, or HTML5 to make a video for your target audience.


Automated online video creator

Discover all the features that will help you speed up your video ad creation. Share the work with your team, get or leave feedback and comments and make all the necessary changes in real-time.


Brand alignment

Be consistent across your advertising videos by saving your unique visual assets in the Brand Kit that your team can access directly from their workspace.


Stock video library

Upload your video into the editor, or you can choose one from our stock library. Create engaging video ads by customizing them with your branded assets.


Design generator

Create various sizes of an original design with our video generator. Edit them simultaneously and save precious time during the creative process.


Advanced editing

Use the timeline from our video ad creator to trim your video or add smooth transitions. Add build-in or build-out presets or create your own.


Ad serving

Deliver your engaging shoppable videos straight to your ad network of choice regardless of file size and format. Make changes in real-time and always keep your ads updated.


Multiple ad variations

Create endless variations of the same video ad with our Feed Ad Builder. Pair it with the Ad serving and sync your data feed with your ad design.

Compatible with multiple platforms

Start your free trial and use our intuitive video ads maker to generate Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Tik Tok video campaigns in no time. Target your audience in a more engaging way by creating professional-looking video ads.

Product video ads
Promote your brand with product video ads. Customize them with our preset filters and use autoplay & loop to preview your work.
Instagram video ads
Unleash your creativity with our video ads maker and grab users' attention with short-length yet powerful Instagram video ads.
Facebook video ads
Start crafting eye-catching Facebook video ads with stock footage or upload video files. Trim & cut until you reach the best size.
TikTok video ads
Get creative with video effects and transitions to make TikTok video ads that will get noticed by your target audience.
LinkedIn video ads
Create and edit professional LinkedIn video ads in a few clicks. Communicate on brand and meet all the platform's ad requirements.
Twitter video ads
Stand out with memorable Twitter video ads that autoplay well. Keep them short length and add branded cues to ensure they perform as desired.

Get started with our online video maker

Back up your creative process with increased productivity and launch video ad campaigns faster. See all the automation tools and other features the platform offers with a free trial.

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