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Attract the attention of potential customers with high-impact video ads. Our video ads maker lets you build your creatives with ease and customize them to fit your overall video advertising strategy.

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Save time with creative video ad templates

Start the creative process with a video ad template from Creatopy's library. Browse the available industries and pick one that suits your business best. You can customize any template with your logo, color scheme, fonts, and other branded assets, to which you can easily add smooth transitions.

key features

The video ad maker that saves time

Discover all the features that will help you speed up your video ad creation. Express the key message of your campaign with the most relevant motions and graphics.

Advanced animations

Grab attention with strong visual hooks. Create unique animations by adjusting your elements' scaling rate, rotation angle, and movement path.

Premium stock media

Customize your video ads with Creatopy’s stock photos, videos and audio. You can always import your own assets for more personalization.

Powerful editing

Use the platform’s intuitive editor to control all your video frames. Trim your video, add dynamic transitions, and make it more engaging.
broader advertising

Widen your reach across platforms

Reach a broader audience with video advertising. Make video ads for multiple platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, or place them on websites and blogs. Choose any format you need, whether it's in-stream, out-stream, or native videos.

brand recall

Connect your brand with your audience

Make your brand memorable through video advertising. Tell your audience who you are with brand-consistent visuals that create a strong emotional connection. With Creatopy, it's easy to preserve your brand across all your video ads.

Data-driven video advertising

Track and optimize your video ads

Monitor the results of your video ads with detailed reporting and analytics. Track clicks, impressions, and CTRs in visual dashboards to see patterns in your data. Optimize your video ads in real-time for improved performance.

How to make a video ad in Creatopy

Design professional-looking video ads in just four easy steps using Creatopy. Put your video advertising strategy into practice across the most popular channels and platforms.

  • Choose a template

    Search our gallery and pick a free customizable video ad template. You can also start from scratch, choose a predefined size, and add all the elements yourself.

  • Edit your design

    Customize your template by changing the text, logo, or illustrations. Upload your own video or use our stock library of videos and audio tracks to find the best fit.

  • Generate multiple sizes

    Instantly resize your video in various sizes, thanks to our easy-to-use resize tool. Be present with the same message and visuals across all channels.

  • Export your video ad

    Download your video ad in one of the available formats. Choose to export it as GIF, MP4, or HTML5 to make a video for your target audience.


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