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Stand out with customized ads

Incorporate your brand identity in powerful ad designs and maintain consistency online and offline across all platforms.

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Tailor templates. Tailor motion. Tailor workflows.

Tailor your ad design process to match not only your brand, but also your team and workflow.


Extensive templates library

Speed up your creative process by customizing your favorite template to match your brand with just a few clicks. The templates in Creatopy cover a wide variety of industries and use cases, and are updated on an annual basis to match the latest graphic design trends.


Advanced animation

Add motion to your visuals by choosing from a wide array of animation presets that bring your designs to life with just one click. Customize and control animation intuitively. Tailor the flow of individual design elements exactly as you want for powerful animated ads.


Granular collaboration

Make your ad creation process more efficient by easily customizing your workflow. Organize your work into projects and folders. Share your designs with your team and clients for instant feedback. Brand your shared page for a fully personalized collaborative experience.

customized ad design

Design with premium creative elements

Experience the true meaning of limitless creativity with the help of the premium stock libraries in Creatopy. In the editor, you can find over 20 million Shutterstock images, video and audio files, original illustrations, shapes, masks, lines, icons and logos. Or you can easily upload your own files and start creating immediately.

brand aligned ad design

Stay on brand
at any scale

Maintain brand consistency in all the stages of your creative process. Have all your brand elements organized in a Brand kit and ready for use right in your workspace. With Creatopy, you can also restrict the team’s access to using only custom-branded design assets and help them create on-brand ad creatives all the time.

ad design for rich media

Export for
multi-channel use

Download your ad designs as high-quality files in a variety of formats compatible with any digital media platform. Choose between JPG, PNG, or GIF for static visuals.

Level up your engagement with animated and video ads and download them as GIF, MP4, AMP, or HTML5. Choose PDF download for print-ready files. Save time by using just one tool to export all your visual assets.


See what else you can do in Creatopy

Create and manage all your digital assets in one place. Maintain full control over your ad creation.


Multiply your banner ads

Resize your designs in multiple sizes instantly. Prepare your ad campaign for multi-platform distribution.


Edit multiple sizes at once

Edit and animate an ad design in different sizes at the same time. Accelerate your workflow to get more done in less time.


Serve ads on any display network

Get unique embed codes for specific uses: ad buy platforms, DSPs, SSPs, CMS, and standard, with just a few clicks.

customize at scale

Tailor the ad design process to your needs

Choose Creatopy, the ad design platform, to customize your ad production and delivery and get more done in less time.