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With Creatopy, you can easily create Instagram video ads and engage with your audience. Our video editor helps you create stories, video carousels or regular Instagram video ads within minutes, with no editing skills required.

Engage with your audience and boost your brand awareness through eye-catching Instagram video ads.

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Unskippable Instagram story video ads

We live in times when devices have become an important element in our lives. We basically live through technology in a virtual world and we make choices based on what we see online.

That is why one of the most popular forms of advertising for mobile devices is the Instagram story. Take advantage of our tool and create Instagram story video ads in just a few clicks. Import your own video or use stock footage from our library to edit its content however you desire..

Short and entertaining Instagram story ads with video content should convince your audience not to skip them.

eye-catching video carousels

Make Instagram
video carousels to grab attention

You have the ability to showcase your business on Instagram and share it through three to five videos in the same unit..

Create Instagram video carousels with ease on our platform. Choose from ready-made templates or design your own carousel ads..

Offer your audience a richer experience and witness a dynamic success creating impressive and eye-catching video carousels.

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We provide the right tool and inspiration to spark your creativity

Your best Instagram video ads are born on our platform. With our easy to use tool, you don't need to have skills or a solid background in video editing.

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Instagram video templates for any size

The lack of ideas is no longer a problem. When you’re in need for inspiration, we provide a vast gallery of Instagram video ad examples. Browse and choose which videos suit your needs, or take advantage of our many customization options that guarantee a successful result for you and your advertising requirements..
Add text, buttons, or effects. Use any element that grabs the attention of your audience and suits your marketing strategy.

facebook video ads templates

One platform for all your advertising needs

Creating video ads is extremely challenging these days. With Creatopy, you succeed in staying consistent across all advertising platforms.

You already know we got your back providing the right tool and inspiration for your advertising campaigns. Take your strategy to the next level and make sure your Instagram video ads move audiences.