Improve your team's productivity with design collaboration

Enjoy the full cycle of design collaboration, which includes both your team and external partners in the process from start to finish.

Design Collaboration


Always in sync with your team and clients

Design ads with your creative team, or get your clients involved for enhanced transparency.

Instant collaboration

Leave comments, tag your colleagues, attach files with extra information, if needed, and get everyone on the same page—even
external collaborators.

Diverse team management

Manage teams and groups, invite new members to join you, and assign them easily to specific projects. Creating a new team is as easy as

Customizable collaboration options

Manage the levels of access and assign different roles to your colleagues. Make share links private or public and customize them to always
show your brand.

Design without borders

Collaborate across teams and beyond

Collaborate inside and outside your team, allowing your clients to join you. If granted the access, anyone outside the team can access a shareable page containing your design, leave comments and share their feedback with you.

Collaborate with teams rapidly and easily

One link for a whole campaign

Review multiple designs, all at once

Shareable folders are key to helping you streamline the way you collaborate with your partners. Enjoy a shorter review cycle, one in which your client has a structured overview of your work.

Share your work with others

Brand exposure

Share links with custom branding

Customize your sharing page to display your branding so that whenever your clients receive any of your work, they can clearly see it's yours. Add your logo, favicon and customize your share URL.

Share branded links

Speedy design proofing

From draft to final design in unison

Bring all the people you collaborate with on the same page. Unite creative teams and external stakeholders to create ad designs from start to finish.


Simply get a share link and forward it to your client. The link will take them to a dedicated page with your design. No more email swapping and file uploading.


Allow clients to provide you with their feedback. Comments can be placed on any part of your design, so you'll never miss any of your client's requests.


Advance to the final stage of your design project in a flash. Get approval for your work within the same environment for enhanced control and organization.


What else can you use Creatopy for?

Being an ad design platform at its core, Creatopy features a set of powerful tools built to assist teams in creating, automating, and customizing ads at scale.

Design efficiently

Use automation to resize ads, make multiple visual design variations, and work on multiple sizes at once.

Keep your team inspired

Make your ad designs unique with Shutterstock images, premium audio tracks, videos,
and templates.

Stay on brand together

Help your team stay on brand with easy access to your logos, color palettes, fonts, and custom-branded templates.

Work together for enhanced efficiency

Discover how Creatopy can help you with your design and collaboration efforts.