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Online image cropper

Crop images online, directly in your browser, and integrate them into eye-catching ad design layouts. Use them to showcase specific details or features of a product or emphasize different storytelling aspects.

Creatopy Image Cropper

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Crop images for optimal composition

Create aesthetic designs that make your ads stand out. Cut and trim photos with the image cropper, leaving only the parts that are relevant to your message. Frame your subject or focal point more easily and balance elements within the design until you reach visual harmony.

Cut and trim images

perfect fits

Customize image sizes for multiple platforms

Use the crop tool to ensure your designs look pixel-perfect on any platform, regardless of dimensions and aspect ratio specifications. Optimize images for different ad placements with minimum effort and achieve a professional look while delivering top-notch advertising experiences to users.

Custom sizes for different platforms

simplified testing

Create visual variations for ad campaigns

Experiment with different cropping methods and see which ones resonate with your audience. Compare the performance of ads with crops that zoom in on a subject or detail versus ones that capture a broader view that includes more of the surroundings or context to find out what brings the best results.

Create Ad Variations

related features

Tailor cropped images to build powerful ads

Explore complementary features with the image cropper that can help you create cohesive and visually appealing designs. Capture your audience's attention while maintaining a style that aligns with your brand guidelines.

AI background remover

Background remover

Automatically remove the background of your cropped photos to highlight subjects or key elements. Lead the viewer's eye to what matters to get your message across more effectively.

Blend Modes feature

Blend modes

Integrate your cropped image into the design seamlessly by using blend modes. Create a variety of visual effects, including overlays, saturation, textures, and many others.

Adjust filters feature


Apply filters to your images to adjust colors, contrast, brightness, and other attributes with a single click. Enhance visual aesthetics and convey specific feelings or moods.

I like having our team members all in one space where we can collaborate on creative assets. It's nice we can import our own brand assets into the platform.

Eric Jackson-Sarkany, Demand

Generation Strategist - D2L

Creatopy lets our team take our design work to the next level by making it easy to build dynamic, social, and digital content quickly and efficiently. These tools are just what we needed to scale up the work we do in the digital space.

Jesse Godfrey

Clemson University

Byte Project
The ability to create banners in different formats in the blink of an eye by changing the resolution and repositioning objects is extraordinary. Available templates are modern.

Giorgio Russo

Byte Project

step by step

How to crop photos in Creatopy

Crop your images faster than you can say "new size." Just follow a few simple instructions.

Start with a design

To use the image cropper, you need to open up a design first. Begin with a blank canvas, or choose a premade template to customize.

Select your image

Select a stock photo or original illustration from our library and drag it onto your canvas. Alternatively, upload your own personal image to work with.

Crop to the desired size

Click on the image you want to crop, and from the Properties bar, go to Settings and click on Crop. Drag the corners until you reach the desired result.

Export your design

Finalize your design and download it in one of many available formats compatible with the major advertising networks and social media platforms.


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Crop images for better ad designs

Trim images online to put together ads that inspire engagement. Take Creatopy for a free test run to discover the whole range of visual content creation capabilities it has and change the way
you design ads.