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The State of Digital Advertising in 2023

Recession, privacy policy changes, and AI are taking over news headlines in the advertising world. Is it all doom and gloom, though? We surveyed 200 advertisers across various industries and business sizes to find out.

Download our report and see what they had to say about the state of digital advertising in 2023!

Key takeaways

Check out our findings!

According to our survey, in 2023, most advertisers are:

- Facing budget increases of up to 10%;
- Feeling optimistic about the year ahead;
- Willing to try new advertising platforms;
- Focusing their budgets on traffic and awareness campaigns;
- Using AI to generate copy and scripts;
- Expecting automation tools to be more popular, as a result of staff reductions.


Stay ahead of the curve

Our comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies in digital advertising. Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or industry professional, this report is a must-read!