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Migrating to Creatopy

We’ll soon launch the possibility to automatically migrate your account and your assets from Bannersnack to Creatopy.

Sign up below if you want to migrate soon.

dear bannersnack users,
an easy way to migrate

Migrate in a few steps

We’ve been working intensively to create an easy way to migrate your Bannersnack account and all your assets to Creatopy.

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    Join the waitlist

    Sign up to let us know you want to migrate to Creatopy soon. As a Team Admin, you can initiate the process when we release the official information and go through each step of the journey to get your account migrated.

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    Migrate your assets

    At your initiation, we’ll automatically move all your assets - files, folders, fonts, logos - from one platform to the other. We’re backing up everything, so you can rest assured nothing gets lost in the process.

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    Discover Creatopy

    The new platform looks a little different, but all the features you’re used to in Bannersnack will be readily available and a little bit extra. Creatopy is also more reliable and sturdy, allowing us to build further and improve your experience with our product.

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    Continue on Creatopy

    Your Bannersnack workspaces become Projects in Creatopy. And each Project will contain all the folders and files you currently have in Bannersnack. You’ll be able to start working right off the bat in a more secure system.

migration process

How will the migration process happen?

To migrate to Creatopy, you have to have a Creatopy account that you can create during the migration process. If you already have an account in Creatopy, you’ll simply log in when you initiate the migration.

It will be a step-by-step guided journey that will offer you all the information you need to get your account migrated.

migrated assets

What gets migrated?

Everything gets migrated - your folders and files, your assets, fonts, logos - literally any type of file you have in your Bannersnack account. You can migrate your users as well - it’s up to you to decide which ones and what roles to assign them.

Each of your workspaces in Bannersnack gets migrated as a Project in Creatopy. They will already contain all your creatives and assets as they currently are in Bannersnack.

What happens to my live AdTag campaigns?

We’ll address live AdTag campaigns differently. We’ll reach out to you if you’re currently using AdTag in Bannersnack and you have ongoing live campaigns.
Around mid-Jan or early Feb 2022, we’ll have a solution to migrate accounts that use AdTags as well.

You can migrate your account to Creatopy, except for the live campaigns running on Bannersnack AdTags. We’ll have to let the current campaigns run on Bannersnack AdTag until they’re finished and start all new ad campaigns on Creatopy.

What about Bannersnack?

We also love Bannersnack, but this move was necessary to evolve further and develop the platform.

Why migrate from Bannersnack?

The migration to Creatopy is necessary because Bannersnack’s architecture doesn’t allow us to build further into the future.

We’re moving you to more advanced technology, more secure systems, better user experience, and a higher quality build in your best interest.

What will happen to my subscription?

Your current subscription gets automatically canceled; you won’t be able to access your Bannersnack account once you complete the migration.

The advance payments you have made for your current subscription will be used as credit for your Creatopy subscription, so nothing goes to waste.

When will Bannersnack sunset?

We’re aiming to sunset Bannersnack by the end of 2022. If any unexpected issues occur, we will extend the date.

The most important thing is that our customers migrate successfully and are fully operational in Creatopy, so we will make sure of that before letting Bannersnack go.

more to come

When will the migration start?

The migration will start in December 2021 and will happen in a few phases until November 2022. If you wish to get the migration done soon, fill in this form and let us know. We’ll reach out to you and schedule it together.