Resize any design in just a few clicks

Save time by effortlessly creating new sizes of any existing design. Adjust your designs to match the correct sizes for any display ad network and social media platform in just a few seconds.

Smart resize
Scale your work

Quickly create different variants of the same marketing creative

Change between a display ad size, Facebook ad design, or custom print format in seconds. Scale your work by creating different sizes of the same design. Resize from one size to another or to 30+ different sizes at once.

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predefined sizes

Resize in 30+ predefined sizes

Our Smart Resize comes with predefined sizes for the most commonly used placements on the web. Quickly change between any display ad and Facebook ad or post. Keep your campaigns consistent across all networks. Start with over 30 predefined variants or create your own custom sizes.

Predefined sizes for resize
Top Features

Benefits of using our Smart Resize tool



Spend more time on your creative process than on recreating the same layout in different sizes. Smart Resize allows you to do just that.



Smart Resize has predefined sizes based on the most commonly used layouts in marketing. We cover sizes from print to social media or display advertising.



Our predefined sizes are constantly updated. We make sure that the sizes for Facebook ads, display banners, or Instagram stories match perfectly.

cloud-based platform

Streamline your team's creative workflow

Part of our cloud-based creative management platform, the Smart Resize feature brings design and marketing teams closer together than ever. Increase your team's productivity by optimizing the creation process of any marketing-related design. Create, manage, and scale faster than ever.

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