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With Creatopy’s easy-to-use editing tools, you can make high-quality, ready for print business card designs in just a few minutes. Go for this timeless approach and let people know about your company.

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Change the way you design business cards

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    Work faster

    Experience a streamlined workflow and intuitive editor that will shorten the creative process as much as possible.

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    Work smarter

    Discover how easy it is to work with a tool that is already packed with all the creative elements you need.

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    Work together

    Get approval on your work and collaborate in real-time with team members or stakeholders.

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Get started with templates

Creatopy offers a variety of professional templates which you can customize with ease to match them with your business identity. They are grouped into various categories so that you can search faster for the perfect business card template, according to your industry.

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Font presets

Match your card template with a font that aligns with your brand identity. If you wish to use more than one font style, you can choose a font pairing from our platform.


Icons and logos

Add information creatively through icons and help your audience understand your business better. The logos will guide people towards the places where they can find you online.


Premium stock photos

Make a lasting impression with an excellent card design using a high-quality image as background. Choose one from our premium stock photo library using the advanced filters.


Neat backgrounds

If you want a minimalist look, make a business card using a solid, gradient, or textured background, to which you can add all your assets.


Ruler and guides

Perfectly align all of your elements with the Ruler and Guides feature. Use the snap to grid option to make sure all of your elements are in place.


Download, share or print

Whether you need an electronic business card or a printed version, we've got you covered. Share your card online or download it as JPG or PNG.

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How to create business cards

Follow our step-by-step guide to design a business card. Make a great digital business card today.

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    Get inspired

    After choosing the business card size from the dashboard, search for the template that matches your brand and start to customize it. You can go straight to the category that interests you and pick a template.

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    Customize the card

    Tap into Creatopy's graphic elements library, which contains high-quality stock photos, icons, shapes, masks, and more, and design a business card by giving it a personal spin. With our intuitive drag and drop editor, you can add or change all the elements easily.

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    Brand it

    Create a professional business card that aligns with your brand identity. Use the Brand Kit to store all your assets and add your logo, fonts, colors, or other imagery to maintain visual consistency. With the color shuffle option, you can brand a template in just a few clicks.

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    Download the card

    When you feel like you reached the design you wanted, export it in JPG or PNG format, and then print it at your favorite printing place.

Let's not forget about the costs

Because great business cards don't have to be expensive

Short learning curve

Enable seamless collaboration between team members with a business card creator tool that is easy to learn and use. No onboarding is necessary. Simply create an account and start designing your perfect visiting card.

Per seat pricing model

Scale Creatopy to your specific needs with our friendly pricing plan. Design visiting cards alone or create a team, establish roles and rights, and tailor the workflows exactly as you need them to be.

7-day free trial

Feel free to explore our business card maker down to the smallest details using the 7-day free trial available for all premium plans. Find out how easy it is to make professional business card designs in Creatopy.


Design cards that reflect your business identity

Creatopy has all the features you need for designing modern business cards. Discover the intuitive editor, an effortless creative flow, and various design elements, all wrapped up in a scalable pricing model.