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Add music to video with zero hassle

Enhance the impact of your video or static ad designs with background music. Match the tone and style of your editing with premium tracks from a wide audio library and add music to your videos online directly in your browser.

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Features that make adding music to videos easier

Streamline your rich ads production with Creatopy. Discover an intuitive editor that anyone can use to add audio to video and bring your team on board to enjoy seamless collaboration during the design process.

Well-organized library

Navigate the genre and mood categories looking for a suitable song, or give the search and filtering system a try to save more time.

Audio preview and playback

Sync the music with your video using the preview function. Playback the track after adding it to the creative and make adjustments.

Effortless audio editing

Fine-tune your audio to go with the visuals perfectly. Trim the track to change its duration and raise or lower the volume as you see fit.

Smooth fade effects

Make transitions appear seamless by adding a fade effect at the beginning or at the end of the sound you use for each video sequence.

Instant collaboration

Let team members or stakeholders weigh in on the music selection process. Send share links and get feedback through real-time comments.

Quick music upload

Need to use your branded music to maintain consistency? Creatopy allows you to upload your own audio files in just a few seconds.

Tune in for better ad performance

Combining audio and visual elements can boost ad recall by 90%. In addition to this, advertising music has the power to:

Evoke strong emotions

Use music to elicit an emotional response from your audience and create positive associations with your brands or products.

Increase engagement

Elevate your storytelling through sound. Gradually increase or decrease music intensity to keep viewers hooked throughout the entire video.

Improve brand recognition

Help your audience establish a sense of familiarity with the brand. Align your visual identity with the audio for a cohesive and memorable message.

Navigate music selection effortlessly

Music can make or break your ad. Creatopy’s audio library makes it easy for you to hit the right notes:

A broad selection of genres
Have your pick of well-known music genres, including pop, hip-hop, rock, and many others. Just stay true to your brand’s personality.

Mood-specific music choices
You know precisely which songs convey specific moods or feelings as they're labeled accordingly as happy, sad, playful, and so on.

Granular filtering options
Browsing the list of songs is simple. You can filter by tempo, duration, and whether they include vocals or just the instrumental.

How to add music to a video in Creatopy

  • Access the audio library

    Go to the Elements library by using the left-side menu, then click on Audio Tracks to open up Creatopy’s extensive collection of premium music.

  • Find your track

    Use search terms to explore the stock library and find audio that complements your video. When you come across a tune you might like, press play to listen to it.

  • Adjust for a seamless fit

    Drag and drop the audio file onto your design. Trim the length, adjust the volume as needed, or switch it up with a different track for a better match.

  • Download your creative

    Once you’re satisfied with the result, choose a sound-compatible export format like MP4, AMP, or HTML5 to download your ready-to-publish ad rapidly.


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Reap the benefits of adding music to video

Blend music and video together to strike a chord with your audience. Experiment with Creatopy's online editor and see if it’s a good fit for you and your team.