Create email GIFs to animate your emails

Improve your campaigns by using animated GIFs in your emails. Start from a custom size or grab a template from our gallery, customize it you as you like and add it to your emails.

easy steps

How to create animated emails

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    Pick a size

    The first thing you need to do is to select the best email GIF size for your needs. There are various preset sizes that you can choose from, or you can create your own custom size for the email animated GIF.

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    Choose a template or make your own

    Grab one of the thousands of professionally designed animated banners or start your work from blank and upload your own assets. Even if you choose a ready-made template, you can create your GIFs by editing them down to the last detail.

  • 3

    Edit your work

    Bring your assets in a brand kit and personalize your design. You can also choose elements from the elements library such as masks, icons, shapes, or SVGs. Add a matching font or upload your branded font to add text. Edit every element from your design by changing colors, size, or position.

  • 4

    Add movement to your GIF

    Now it’s time for the fun part, where you get to add eye-catching transitions to your layers. Here you have two options: create your custom animated effects or use the Magic Animator tool to add movement to your elements with just one click. Feel free to explore the Timeline and all the other animation effects available in the app.

  • 5

    Download your design

    Download your work in GIF or MP4 file format. You can download a high-quality animation at a high frame rate and low compression or a GIF file that’s optimized. An animated GIF in email can increase click-through rates, so take advantage of email animations.

animate easily

An animated GIF maker that will boost engagement

Animated GIFs, just like videos, draw more attention and act as visual cues to your audience. Recent studies show that adding subtle animations can increase your email clickthrough rates by up to 26%.

Animated GIF maker
html5 technology

Use the power of HTML5 animations and transitions

Click on the different animation presets to see your designs in action. No coding skills or designer needed.

HTML5 animations
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Help your emails get more clicks

Step up your game and improve your marketing campaign with the help of animated emails. Start designing animated email headers and other elements within minutes.
Sending emails with GIFs comes with a series of advantages:


GIFs work on any device

Grab users attention no matter the device they use: mobile phones, desktops or tablets.


Increased reader engagement

Entice users to interact with your emails by leveraging the power of animations.


A more professional feel

Communicate like a pro. Use high quality and professional designed templates to use in your emails.

top features

Everything you need to create animated emails


Drag and drop GIF editor

Easy to use editor. Make GIFs in minutes with only a few clicks by simply dragging and dropping all the resources.


Unlimited stock images

Thousands of high-quality images waiting for you to pick and animate them with a simple click.


Popular fonts

We have a huge collection of classic and trending fonts but you can also upload and use your own fonts.


Smooth animation effects

Alpha, Fade, Bounce, Scale. Try our animation presets and make your readers fall in love with your content.


Animated templates

Ready made templates created by our professional designers are waiting for you to chose your favorites.


High GIF compression

It ensures top quality for your downloaded banners. They are optimized for any email marketing campaign.


Frame rate control

Achieve high color quality and optimal size for your animated GIFs, so that they are enticing and high performing at the same time.


500+ Vector cliparts

Find anything you want in our extensive clipart, illustrations, and graphic arts library. All you need to be creative is there.


Email client compatible

Supported by all major email clients: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and so on. Compliant with all email providers.


What is the maximum size for a GIF to be used in an email?

It’s best to keep the file size under 1MB. The bigger the file size, the slower it will load. Your audience may open the email on their phone or they may have a poor internet connection, so you don’t want them to get frustrated because your design is too large, and it takes too long to load. A little over 1MB is still OK.

How long should an email GIF be?

It should be only a few seconds long. This is because a longer animation means a bigger file size, and therefore a larger load time. Moreover, when your audience reads your email and sees your visual, they will look at it only for a few seconds. Keep it short and sweet, just to the necessary length that allows you to present your essential idea through the GIF.

How do I increase the resolution of an email GIF?

One way to increase the resolution of your file is to go back to the source material and re-export it to the highest-resolution possible. This will work for both images that created your animation and videos made into the file. However, keep in mind that a bigger resolution means a longer upload time, which can affect the way your audience perceives your animation.

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